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      Jiangsu Jianyou Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. which was called  Danyang City Dongsheng Plastics Co.,Ltd. before is located in the downstream Yangtze river--Danyang,Zhenjiang city ,Jiangsu Province.It was built in June, 2006.It is the pointed manufacturer for producing disposable sterile medical appliance. It covers an area of 6000 square meters ;the building area covers 2000 square meters;the one hundred thousand level purification workshop which meets the requirements of GMP covers 400 square meters and the part of the ten thousand level standard test room covers 50 square meters.Warehousing, sterilization room, office and other supporting facilities are all well equipped. The green area of the workshop is up to a third of the whole area,  and the transportation is convenient, and environment is beautiful.
      The company is the modern enterprise which gathers development,design, production,sales and service. Our company abides the high starting point, high-tech and high-level principles, and  equips the configuration of the most advanced domestic  production equipment and sophisticated testing and measuring devices to meet the production needs of the service, and also is equipped with advanced mechanized production lines based and technology the testing room. The overall technology and equipment is up to the the advanced level among the same domestic industries.
      The company has more than 20 employees,including 5 engineers and technicians,and 2 internal auditors. More than 95% of the employees have received professional training, so the staff have high professional qualities and  skills.
      Our main products includes 10 categories wich are disposable sterile cervical sampler,single use gynecology scraper, sterile spatula, cell preservation solution,single-use sperm sample tubes,disposable sterile cell harvester, one-time nasopharyngeal swabs,single-use antibody typing sampling boxes,disposable sterile sampling cervical cells,single-use sterile oral sampler. And all of these have a variety of model specifications. The company’s  products can meet the domestic market demand,and at the same time the company can also cooperates with many foreign trade companies,export processing trade business.
      The company is based on GB/T19001-2008 (idtISO9001-2008) "Quality Management System Requirements" and EN ISO13485: 2012) "Medical devices - Quality management systems - Requirements for regulatory", to learn excellent enterprise management mode, and put the many creative recommendations and concrete work together to determine the company's quality policy and goal. It also develops a series of standards and management procedures and establish a documented quality management system, so that everything is in order, everyone has his own work ,work as a rule, the result can assess the quality of products and services which are the key factory in the modern market economy and the commodity social competition.Our company requires all employees with the perseverance spirit to implement the basic policy "pursuit of higher quality and meet customer needs," to hard work and  standardize behavior so that our company can improve its quality of management, product quality and business efficiency in a short time .
      Jiangsu Jianyou Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

      Address:WillowLiuLing Danyang Town 109 North Main Street


      E-mail: [email protected]



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